Bookmarks, Spaghetti Tins and ...

My youngest child is just finishing Pippins and moving up to Brownies, this weekend is her last Pippin Camp and I have been meaning to go in with my tapes and do an activity with the girls, Camp seemed like a logical time and a few weeks ago I offered to go in with a stash of tapes to let the girls have a play.  Now this is where my good friend Pinterest came in. What were we going to do?  We would have a group of girls aged 5-7 with a range of different crafting abilities.

Bookmarks, Tins and something else...........

So armed with a box of Washi Pops (Washi Samples), some cardstock, old tins and some empty Pringle cans I headed for Camp. (Don't worry with fresh snow on the mountain they are nice and cosy in a local school hall.)

For the first activity we made Bookmarks, which just required tape to be ripped and placed on the precut cardstock strips.  Nice and easy and this got the girls introduced to the tape, as many of them hadn't ever played with Washi.  I think they would have handled the rolls better than the Washi Pops, but by taking the sticks they had only a metre of each colour (so no wastage and more colour choice), I was really impressed by their sharing.

After the girls were finished I laminated them to help them last a little longer.

After the Bookmarks our next activity, was one which is a popular craft for my 7 year old daughter, covering used spaghetti tins in Washi. The girls can now put pens and pencils in these. (Or their bookmarks they suggested.) 

The girls had heaps of fun with these two activities and I probably could have left it with this.  But unsure about what the young girls expectations would be I needed a pièce de résistance to finish with. In our next blog post find out how we made our Kaleidoscopes.


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Thanks for stopping by, unfortunately many of the tapes featured in this post may not be available on our website, I used Washi Pops that use tapes from my personal stash. I make Washi Pops in my spare time (waiting for kids at sports practises) and sell these at Markets.  All activities are not my own ideas and have come from Pinterest.  You can find our Pinterest page here

Posted: Saturday 16 July 2016