Outie Colouring Book

Outie Colouring Book
Woo hoo! Do you love Outie illustrations? Do you love fun textile prints? Do you love to colour?

Well then, this book is for you!

Featuring twenty original patterns, textile designs and illustrations by Katrina Ward, this colouring book is designed with you in mind. Simple, relaxing, calming and zen… colouring is the new meditation for busy people to begin to feel centred.

Get zen. Get your pens. The Outie colouring book is here!

20 pages.

Black and white (you choose your palette!)

Original illustrations by Katrina Ward.

Range of designs inspired by nature with whiffs of whimsy woven into every page.

A4 format on quality 120gsm paper for no bleed-through.
NZ$ 20.00
NZ$ 10.00
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