Washi Tape

We are back!!!! But packages are taking a little longer to process.  I am working from home for my 9-5 job so am relying on packages to be collected from my letter box by our rural delivery lady.  She is amazing and will get your parcels on their way, but she only comes out to the farm every few days. Once your parcel has left the farm I will send you your tracking number. 

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Washi tape is decorative tape that is easy to tear by hand and can be repositioned on most surfaces. Some of the fun things you can do with washi tape are!!! + Wrap cute gifts + Attach things to your walls + Add some personality to your stationery + Make your planner look pretty + Cardmaking or Scrapbooking + Home Decor + Organisation labelling
  • No Brand Washi Tape
    A selection of 5mtr, 8mtr and 10mtr Washi Tapes sourced from China No Brand Washi Tape Combo Deals 3 x $4.00 rolls = $10.00 5 x $4.00 rolls = $15.00
  • Boutique Tapes
    Looking for something a bit different, these tapes come from the designers & popular scrapbooking brands.